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Always a mixture of Qigong, Meditation & Taijiquan. A more relaxed, health & energy focused program. For people that seek for health preservation or rehabilitation:
Building of internal energy; health retreat; recover from physical and mental health issues. This program is the best option for a holistic experience of Daoist health preservation arts.


Includes all kungfu styles, taichi, qigong and meditation as well as sword and other weapons. A tough traditional program from 5 to 7 hours of training each day. For those who come for strenuous, very dedicated, sportive & competitive training. Good for the young and the fit with high physical demands.


Do you want to become a teacher of martial arts, kungfu, qigong, taichi or meditation? Then this program is the right one for you. At the end you will receive a certificate according to your study content and level. We will test your skill & pass all that you need for your teaching. We will also examine your practical teaching skills in regular tests.


This program is only for those who want to join our family
& lineage for as long as they live. We take discipleship very serious. The secret traditions of our lineage shall only be passed on according to out traditional requirements. Be aware of your motivation to become a disciple. Why do you want to become a disciple? What do you want to do with your discipleship?

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