Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School

Kungfu, Taichi, Bagua, Qigong & Meditation

Original Daoist Arts By Wudang Born Master Wang

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With 15 years experience since 1999 the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School is an exceptional place for people of all kinds of interests in traditional wudang daoist martial arts. Wu dang kungfu is known for its diversity of skills. Everybody can start and learn it. Slow and fast, soft and hard, simple and complex is changing as fast as the natural changings of yin and yang. No matter if your are young or old, we have always the right exercises for everyone: Tough and hard workout, rehabilitating regimen, self-defense, weapons of all kinds, all main internal martial arts such as taiji, bagua, xingyi but also qigong and meditation in combination with lots of wudang daoist traditions. You will find external practice as well as internal cultivation. Master Wang has been teaching foreign students since more than 20 years. Our teachings are highly individual and the lessons will be adapted to the students abilities and interests. The fact that Master Wang was born in wu dang turns him into a very valuable source preserving traditions that are still very rare and once feared to be gone forever. He is openly teaching his profound knowledge to everyone who is really interested and dedicated. The Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School is unique because of its richness in lineages and traditions, that were handed down to Master Wang by two generations of the old and higly honored grandmasters of wudang. Master Wang is representing three important lineages, that are seldomly found elsewhere. He is sucessor of the 25th generation of the dragongate lineage (longmen pai), the 23rd generation of pure yang energy lineage (chunyang pai) and 13th generation of the flowing river lineage (songxi pai).

Training at the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School is versatile:
Yes, it could be professional and serious training for 7 hours a day.
But just as well, it can be your health retreat to balance your body, mind and soul.

Information about the school, its history, master wang, his kungfu and wu dang in general:

We explain traditions, history, changings, lineages and the different elements of wudang kungfu like tai ji, xingyi, bagua, qigong and meditation. In the category media you will find wudang kungfu videos, pictures of wudang kungfu and scenery, as well as awards, public media, articles and news concerning our school or Wudang.

This video shows Master Wang and his free interpretation of his dragongate lineage style in front of the lonely northern heaven gate in the forests of Wudang.